Sunday Morning - Sunday School

Every Sunday at 9:00AM we have our student Sunday School Class taught by Brian O'mara. Through the month of February, we are in a series called "Life Basics 101". This series is an in depth study of the book of Romans.

After Sunday School, we begin our celebration service in the sanctuary. This is a great time of worship, and a time to grow and respond with a message from God's Word.



Wednesday Evening

Every Wednesday at 7:00PM we have our midweek service. I think we can all admit that having a midweek pick-me-up is a good idea, and that is exactly what this service is meant to be. We start off with a refreshing time of worship, and then after a brief message from God's word, our students go to their BreakOut groups. Our BreakOut groups are split up between the 7-8th grade guys, 7-8th grade girls, 9-12th grade guys, and 9-12th grade girls. In these groups, you have an opportunity to get to know each other more, pray together and go over a key life topic from the Bible.


Saturday Evening

Every Saturday at 6:00PM we have our main end of the week rally. This is a great time for young people to have an exciting experience with each other and with God. We have exciting games and prizes going on in our gym, our snack shop is open and everyone can relax while having a good time. We also have an engaging service with exciting worship, preaching and a time to respond to God's Word through prayer and seeking Him.